Election Campaigns Winning Strategy & System

Election campaigns are completely based on voters mindset and their competitors overall activity.

Election campaigns are purely a data centric affair.

Following are the key points that should be taken care of:

  • Previous election data.
  • Voter count based on sex ratio and percentage.
  • Polling percentage.
  • Details of winning and losing candidates.
  • Combined performance data based on winning seats, voters and their percentage.
  • Aggressive survey against the targeted booth divided in strong and weak sections.
  • Understanding the percentage of voters based on religion, caste and class.

“Winners Don’t Do Different Things, They Do Things Differently”

A well qualified and experienced team  should drive the election campaign.

The team should be responsible to do the initial research work, develop strategy and design the perfect action plan.


The “Subliminal” Survey

Survey is the backbone of democracy as it defines what voters are seeking in terms of challenges and hurdles of a commoner.

Redressal system based on the most common problems of a common man can only be designed with a survey and research under the following objectives:

  • Predictions and final results of previous election based on booth wise caste and religion survey.
  • Booth wise social challenges and voters opinion.
  • Gathering views for ideal candidate by list of influential people of a particular booth.
  • Opinion poll based on electronic media like Facebook,whatsapp.,live calls,IVR, Email & other means can help a lot in gathering information against the ideal candidate.

Law & Order

It is very important to understand the law & order situation while running an election campaign for the ideal candidate.

Taking a note of crime graph and image of police , corruption and the resolution provided by police should be studied carefully before going live on election campaigns.

Candidates Assessment & Profile

The most crucial part of the election campaign is to evaluate the leadership quality and image of the candidate from the perspective of strength and weaknesses.

The candidate is supposed to actively participate on live social media platforms and hold public meetings besides the distribution of campaign specific physical and virtual goods.


Modern strategists have greatly emphasized on the connectivity factor.

This factor plays the main role in persuasion of voters through digital media, membership schemes, social gatherings and paying attention to the artists and folklore bearers.

To seek public consent, sending missed call to the provided number suggests a lot about the view of voters.


Social Work & Public Relations

Election campaigns mainly revolve around social work and public relation affairs.

It is important to consider the solutions proposed by local NGO’s and take the lead to create news sensation and awareness.

It is said that “To Be In Business , Stay In Business ”, So , it is important that the party’s view and the candidates opinion gets circulated in the newspaper on daily basis.

Public Camp

It is observed that, parties and candidates who hold public camps for society welfare such as:

  • Health awareness
  • Eye treatment camps
  • Agricultural awareness camps
  • Felicitation program
  • Swachh bharat abhiyan
  • Solar power harness camps
  • Funding and donating for disaster relief

Have a higher percentage on winning factor.

Personality Development & Behavior

Prior to commencing a public rally, the candidate should first develop body language, dressing sense and behavior accordingly.

Social Behavior

Social behavior of the candidate is the diamond tip that includes his posture, intonation and choice of words.

The candidate should exhibit proper social behavior when addressing common issues like inflation, education and unemployment.

Perquisites & Inference

Parties and candidates should ideally hire team of photographer, script writers, editors and multimedia enthusiasts in order to accomplish their personal goals.

It is not possible to manage and keep track of a big team.

It is always better to hire an agency specialized in digital marketing, brand promotion, media management and campaign data analyst.


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