Epic Trailer Intro Ident

Cinematic Trailer Intro


Cinematic Trailer Intro

Cinematic Trailer Intro was made to be a perfect trailer intro for blockbusters. It builds up to a huge trailer intro with both orchestral and digital sounds, and ends with some wicked choir shouts.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: Deep modified Taiko bass drum hits, orchestral strings and brass, hybrid sound effects and epic stingers / risers / whooshes

VideoHive Items Using This Track:

Digital Environment
Cinematic Action Trailer
Particles Trailer
Thriller Trailer
Money Trailer

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About Martijn de bont

Martijn de Bont is the 32 year old founder of Martijn the Bont Music Productions, a high end music recording studio located in Breda, The Netherlands. As a professional music composer, Martijn offers high quality royalty free music for media (e.g music for TV broadcasting, film trailers, videogame music, advertising & product presentation background music), specialized in modern trailer music and trailer sound design.

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