Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro

Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro

Working Versions updated.

  • CC 2018
  • CC 2019
  • CC 2020
  • How To Install

    To install EarthZoomToolkitPro.zxp file you will need to download Extension Manager for that.
    We recommend, Anastasiy’s Extension Manager. It offers not
    only installation but also updating and uninstalling. Other option is AE Scripts ZXP manager you can download here.

    After install ZXP installer, open it and select After Effects CC from list on the left, then click Install, and locate downloaded
    EarthZoomToolkitPro.zxp file. Works with CC 2018 and CC2019

    Watch the preview in amazing 4k resolution on Vimeo!

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 1


  • Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro CEP Extension. This amazing panel let’s you choose locations from inside of AE, download maps and animates the project. All in one click!
  • No 3rd Party Add Ons for Browsers
  • Highly detailed earth/space scenes
  • 10k earth textures
  • 6 SciFi Environments – Drag n’ drop SciFi elements to your scene to WOW your viewers!
  • 17 Animated Callbacks – Dran n’ drop Callbacks to present your content on zoomed in maps. Text Callback, Media Callback, Signal, Pointer, Marker…
  • 12 Earth Controls – These controls allow you to completely change the look of the earth.
  • No plug ins! No prerenders! 100% After Effects out of the box pushed to it’s limits!
  • Organized and named properly. Easily find what you need.
  • How to use

    Step 1 – Locations

    Choose up to 4 locations.

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 2

    Step 2 – Map Viewer

    To choose a location click on red/orange circle button. Maps viewer will show up. Search for locations and click choose location.

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 3

    Step 3 – Map Type

    Choose between 3 map styles.

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 4

    Step 4 – Finalize

    Click Download and Reanimate button and you are done!

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 5

    Step 5 – Earth Controls

    In 1.Final comp select Earth Controls layer and adjust the look of the earth.

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 6

    Step 6 – Space Environment Settings

    In 1.Final comp select Space Controls layer and choose the Space Environment. You can check multiple values and combine environments!

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 7

    Animated Callbacks

    Add this awesome animated callbacks to your map when you zoom in to represent your location, image, text, video or anything you want! Just drag n drop!

    Earth Zoom Toolkit Pro - 8

    Audio used

  • Deep Cinematic Emotional Ambient by RidiculousAudio
  • Sound Effects
  • Font used


    Update Log

    V1.1 – Update to handle pictures not downloading problem.

    V1 – CEP Extension Panel, 4 locations, 3 map styles

    Customization & Rendering service

  • If you don’t have or don’t know how to use Adobe After Effects i provide low fee customization & rendering services.
  • For more information contact me by email at
  • Support me

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