Film Projector Reel

Film Projector Reel


About this sound.

This is a clean, seamlessly extendable sound of a film projector. Perfect for film related projects and animations, giving that old movie feel.

Film Projector Reel - 1 Included Tracks.

There are three parts/files included with this sound effect, for maximum flexibility:

  1. Film Projector Start (the sound of the projector being turned on and starting to roll). 0:01 second
  2. Looping Middle Section (a seamlessly loopable track of the film projector rolling) 0:10 seconds Film Projector Reel - 2
  3. Film Projector End (a clean ending sound of the projector being turned off and winding down). 0:01.4 seconds

While each is its own individual WAV file, the three parts are designed to work seamlessly together, making it easy to extend the reel sound to any length you need! The audio preview track demonstrates this, showing all three files/parts simply placed back to back, resulting in a short, seamless, complete reel clip.

Extending the reel sound is as easy as looping/repeating the middle section as many times as you need, before tacking on the Film Projector End clip (for example, “Start”, “Middle”, “Middle”, “Middle”, etc…, “End”).

Thank you!

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and please feel free to contact me for questions, assistance, or any of your future sound or music needs!