iPhone 5


Thank you for trolling my file with a few unfair ratings

My buyers still love my work and always come back for more  :) You would not have bought it unless you can do one that is better  :inlove:

Heads Up ! v2.0 update is here !

After some great feedback from my awesome buyers (No, not the trolls who buy, then give a low star rating without feedback), i bring you the reloaded version of the file which is now even better than before !

what’s in the update?

+ An even more robust render setup that renders beautifully even faster !
+ No need for colour correction. at all.
+ Rolled out the 3dsMax MentalRay-Supported version of the iPhone (not only Vray now on)
+ Some fixes added to the white iPhone, sorry for the tiny material errors guys.
+ Saving render output to .PNG automatically gives you an iphone with transparent edges (Vray version).
+ Slightly smaller file size with more features

This is one of my finest models for 3dsMax 2010+ ! modeled for you to fit all of your needs in any field. The detail is insane, nothing is missed.

So what’s the catch this time ?

A Professional Vray Setup FOR FREE !

Enjoy a super awesome dark vray scene setup for 3ds max 2010+, the colours are all cool and the scene is desaturated. The rendering times are fascinating, you can render a 1180×787px image in less than 10 minutes on a quad-core CPU !

What’s inside?

– You get free 24/7 5-star author’s support
– 3dsMax 2010+ file with 2 iphones ( Black & white ) + Light setup
– All the textures. ( Some are PSD, for you to modify )
– .OBJ file
– .C4D r12 file ( due to the high demand on c4d files )

The .OBJ export and the .C4D file

You can also use this iPhone in your favourite 3d package with the .OBJ file! A simple .C4D file has been also bundled, and it contains the iphone with some basic materials similar to the ones i made for the 3ds max (but not as good, sorry)

High-Res textures

The smallest texture used was in fact the texture of the screen, and its dimensions are 1136×640 (just as the real thing). You can render ridiculously close shots without worrying about quality loss, the polygons are countless

Level of Detail (LOD)

The LOD in the .max file has been preserved, you can control it via the turbosmooth values of the different parts.. It’s quite high poly even at the lowest LOD, be careful not to crank the values too much..

The iphone and Real Life

Check out this link to see..
Choose wisely… Wait.. you still didn’t get it ?

Cheers !

..And please, compare my model to similar models on the marketplace before buying, so that you see why i spend so much time refining my models.