Happy Ukulele

Life Is For Living


Life Is For Living - 1

“Life Is For Living” is intended to encapsulate the quintessential advertising music style of the moment. This perfectly looping track uses ukulele, human whistling (yours truly), clapping, finger clicks, glockenspiel, guiro, and fretless bass to provide a happy, upbeat and quirky sounding track with a hint of French jazziness.

This track would be perfect for advertising, corporate video, titles and film scenes.

Please Note: You may notice that the main file sounds as if it finishes abruptly on the preview, this is intentional to allow the track to loop absolutely seamlessly whilst accommodating the ascending lead ukulele part at the beginning of the track.

The zip contains the following files in high quality WAV format:

Life is For Living: 1:20(Perfectly looping main track)

Life Is For Living-variation: 0:40 (Perfectly looping stripped back verse and chorus with no melodies)

How To Use: After using the main track as an introduction, the stripped back variation can be looped indefinitely in the background before bringing the full track back into play. Alternatively, just loop either of the variations indefinitely.

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