REAL metal Vray shaders


REAL metals

16 realistic metal shaders created in 3Ds Max with Vray 3.0
8 polished & 8 brushed pure metals:
Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Iron, Lead, Platinum, Silver, Titanium

What makes these ‘real’ metals?
To recreate accurate & realistic metals, the reflectance value of each metal has been input using real data
from the refractive index database. This means that the colours within the metals are produced as a result of
light waves reflecting at different values – not simply tinting the diffuse colour value.
This results in a far more realistic shader, which will physically ‘act’ like a real metal.

In addition to the accurate colours, the materials use a blended shader, which changes the glossiness depending on the angle of view.
By default, reflective shaders will reflect with the same amount of glossiness/blur whichever angle you view in from.
In reality, the more perpendicular the angle, the clearer the glossiness/blur becomes. This subtle difference makes for a much more believable metal material.

What’s included in the file?
16 metal shaders (8 polished, 8 brushed with procedural noise)
3DS Max scene with shader ball model
Well laid out Slate and Compact material editor
Every material node named

What’s not included?
Lighting and Camera setup
Bitmaps as seen in preview (floor & shader ball centre)